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Birthdate:Apr 25
Location:Fort Benning, Alaska, United States of America
Website:my livejournal
I'm happily married to [info]masterspork and am the proud mother of a handsome boy, Nathan. We got through our first deployment and I'm relieved to say it's over :) We're now stationed in Alaska and enjoying life as a whole family.

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I'm learning that being happy isn't wrong and that I deserve to be happy. I love getting mail, even more when it's a fun package. I (probably) read too much, I don't write enough, I shop too much and love a good garage sale. I laugh a lot, watch too much tv and don't sit outside enough. I love blankets so I keep the house cold. I cross stitch regularly unless I'm not talking to my current project.

My journal is friends only now. Too many problems, too much drama and too much hurt came from an open journal. I normally write boring posts that have no real interest for anyone but me :) I don't write long winded posts about subjects I'm not familiar with just so that I can sound deep or profound. I do write posts about things I know, I write rants about things that upset me and I write weepy posts when I'm sad. My moods are reflected in my posts.

I have filters. No you can't be in all my filters. I have them set up the way I like them and I add people as I see fit. I also remove people as I see fit. No one is in all my filters. If I decide that a filter could be open, I'll let everyone know and I'll add them as they want. But so far, I haven't done that.

I friend who I find interesting. I don't unfriend without a reason. I usually add back if you've added me. I comment when I feel like it... which means I don't comment enough. But know that if you're on my friends list, I read your posts.. ALL of them. If you comment to me, I usually comment back. I like comments, they're fun. I don't expect them, though, as I don't always comment in other people's journals.

I think that covers all that needs to be covered. If you choose to add me, be ready for some slightly boring reads, some entertaining reads and some really weird ones, too.

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