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  • 22:28 Bought pretty things for my house today :) got to go back to pick one up from Lowes in a while #
  • 22:32 @kimchele dont be too jealous, im in crappy housing #
  • 22:36 @kimchele lol ya i guess thats true. Tomorrow i get the rest of my stuff & then i'll have my house all in order. Yay! Then u can come visit #
  • 22:39 @kimchele you'll even have ur own room to stay in #
  • 22:45 #
  • 13:02 I swear if they dont deliver my stuff today im going to findout where their office is and they're going to hate me #
  • 13:04 @ginia31313 they didnt deliver last week bc they "forgot". I swear if they "forget" this week they'll never forget me ever again #
  • 13:06 @ginia31313 i dont even know. I was pissed. They delivered first thing the next morning. Warren had to take 2 days off for that. #
  • 13:08 @ginia31313 this entire move has been sucky. I love it here but it may not have been worth all the bs #
  • 13:10 @kimchele ive been trying to be nice bc they screwed up only once. But they just pulled the same shit and im pissed #
  • 13:34 @kimchele i hate moving #
  • 13:43 @kimchele thats bad. Did u get it taken care of? #
  • 13:45 @kimchele oh wow that sucks #
  • 14:08 @kimchele i know what u mean! #
  • 15:45 The movers are here!!!! Woo!!! I sort of see the rest of our stuff!!! :) #
  • 16:15 @ginia31313 i know!!! So happy!!! Got my washer & dryer (even though my house already comes with a set) lol #
  • 16:25 Its painful to watch them bring bigger furniture up the stairs. This house is not furniture friendly upstairs #
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